Abstract Submission Guidelines

Abstract submissions closed at midday on 13 October 2017. Abstracts submitted after this date will not be accepted. Abstracts will be reviewed by the steering committee and authors will be notified of the outcome of the review and selection in November 2017.

Any decision on the abstract will be made by the steering committee and will be final in all respects. The completed paper which has been accepted for presentation at the conference must be submitted no later than the 12 February.


Authors are invited to propose papers for presentation on any of the following and related topics on the packaging for the transport, storage and disposal of nuclear and radioactive materials

Regulation and Institutional issues
• Regulations
• Regulatory harmonisation
• Code of Practice and related guidance
• Public perception and communication
• Legal issues
• Implications of BREXIT
• Liability and insurance

Package Engineering
• Innovation – new concepts and materials
• Design issues
• Design substantiation
• Analysis – containment, structural, thermal, criticality, shielding
• Performance Testing
• Manufacturing and manufacturing technique
• Licensing and safety case
• Package ageing

• Transport system, storage system, disposal system
• Multi-modal transport
• Emergency preparedness, response and recovery
• Risk assessment
• Safeguards and security
• Records management
• Ageing management
• Maintenance and inspection
• Knowledge management
• Training and education
• Learning from experience

Content specific challenges
• Fissile materials
• Fresh fuel
• Large items
• Orphan sources
• Radiopharmaceuticals
• Spent fuel
• UF6
• UO3
• Uranium ore concentrate
• Wastes

Key Dates

13 October 2017 – Final day to submit an abstract

30 November 2017 – Notification of paper selection completed

12 February 2018 – Paper submission deadline